Joe Girardi’s Schizophrenic, Media Scrum-Set Flip Out Was Legendary Stuff

Don’t heckle Joe Girardi. He may heckle you back. It was awesome. It was incredible, and it showed the balls on the Yankees’ manager that haven’t been matched by anyone within 100 yards of Fenway Park, besides Jeremy Renner’s character from the final scene of The Town.

On Wednesday night, Girardi “freaked out” at a White Sox fan who says something to the effect of “Fu*k the Yankees!”


Girardi’s reaction? Essentially, “Hey, piss off, I’m giving an interview here.” That line must have made every reporter around him quake in their pants. “Oh my God, he’s standing up fer us!?! Mr. Yankee, Sah, thank yah! Thank yah!”

(*Sorry if that sounded like something out of a Harper Lee novel.)

Our call? Good on him. Girardi laid into a guy who he had enough of, and felt no embarrassment over telling him off. It’s not necessary to do all the time, but if this is your job 365-24/7, then you’re allowed to grab the grenade, pull the pin, and toss it back at Ze Germans.

The best part, though?

Undoubtedly, it’s how Girardi immediately re-enters his calm phase when he returns to the scrum. It’s like nothing ever happened. Not even Olivier himself could have pulled this off on stage.

Here’s the actual script, just so you can understand how awesome Joe’s performance was:

Reporter: “What made him so good tonight?”

Joey G: “What’s made him good all year. HEY HEY HEY… HEY, SHUT UP, I’M DOING AN INTERVIEW. What he does all the time. He’s got good stuff. He’s got a good fastball.”