Jimmy Fallon’s Impersonation of Mitt Romney Completes His Metamorphosis Into Late Night Gold

Kimmel, Conan, and David… welcome your old friend, Jimmy Fallon. You know, the little guy who appeared on your couches a few times and used to laugh during skits you hosted on his old show, Saturday Night Live?

Well, on Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon became Mr. Fallon. For a while, he’s been catching up. Those first few awkward months have been beaten away by a calmer, funnier, and more mature comedian, one who’s easily capable of of besting you on any given night.

When Jimmy Fallon did Mitt Romney, he nailed it. The laugh. That manufactured laugh. The voice, even. The slightly shi*ty hair. The naive lack of understanding as to why many people don’t like him.

Ironically, Fallon – as a harmless comedian – seemed to always understand why nobody liked him those first few months on the job at Late Night. He took Conan’s job, after all, and that man was beloved. He seemed young, cocky, and even spoiled.

And, well, he wasn’t funny.

But, Fallon seemed to know it. And yet, you have a man running for President of the United States (they call it POTUS, without realized that sounds like some kind of nickname for the strip of skin between your testicles and your anus) who doesn’t seem to grasp the same public opinion of himself.

He genuinely seems confused when people don’t like him, or perplexed when journalists question him (below).

Why won’t they let this one fly? Why do they keep asking me about that?

And, there you have Fallon, who has finally come full-circle, roasting the man in front of millions of people. It was poetic, and even beautiful.