Jalen Rose Recaps When Kobe Bryant Torched Toronto for 81 Points

If you didn’t know, Jalen Rose is a hell of a storyteller. Well, actually, he’s kind of just funny. Unintentionally. He’s got a bit of a drawwwwwwllllllllll (even though he’s from Pittsburgh). He’s slow. He tries to emphasize so he impresses you as much as he’s impressed, but it really just looks like he thinks something’s cool (you know how a baby’s eyes will light up and then you’re left trying to figure out what they’re looking at?).

On Grantland’s YouTube channel – Tuesday – Jalen tells the story of how Kobe Bryant put up 81 points against his Toronto Raptors, like, seven years ago.

There are plenty of Sam Mitchell moments. There’s a dig at Smush Parker. There are enough Vince Carter riffs to remind American audiences of who or what the Toronto Raptors are.