It’s Happening. The NHL Will Cancel the 2013 Winter Classic.

Are you still waiting for the shoe to drop?

What about an ACME Anvil?

On Friday, the NHL announced it is planning to cancel the 2013 Winter Classic on Monday, permitting that negotiations stay at their snail-like speed of progress. The announcement came after the league already decided to cancel all games through November 30.

“To be clear, I’ve now heard Monday (or) Tuesday and Thursday for Winter Classic/All-Star Game cancellations,” wrote (sorry, Tweeted) ESPN’s John Buccigross, also knows as the only guy at that network who cares about the sport.

The bad news is obvious. This Winter Classic was going to be the grand daddy of all Winter Classics. Toronto finally got a Winter Classic, Canada finally got a starring role in HBO’s 24/7, and the Big House is tailor made for this kind of Winter Wonderland as well as Bob Costas’s beautiful, heart-pulsing voice.

“The cancellation… could cost the cities of Ann Arbor and Detroit big in lost revenue,” writes Brett Hein of the Red Wings’ SB Nation. “According to Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the loss of the Winter Classic could cost the host cities up to $75-80 million.

“As of three weeks ago, the event had already sold between 80-90,000 tickets. In a stadium with the capacity of nearly 110,000, the game was set to have a good shot at being the highest-attended hockey game ever.”

The good news?

No All-Star Game.