It’s About Time the KHL Stood Up For Itself


by Puck

Hockey Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Rumour has it, some NHLers want to stay in Russia or somewhere else in the former Soviet Union. Lubomir Visnovsky has decided he’ll stay in Slovakia, while nobody has heard from Ilya Kovalchuk and Andrei Markov just wants to play one last game before he reports to Montreal.

Sportsnet‘s Mark Spector referred to them as “selfish” and “entitled”. Like they were college graduates asking Daddy for Manhattan rent money.

It’s not that Spec is wrong. Technically, these players made deals with their respective NHL teams and the rules ask they honour them.

But, what happens when the roles are reversed? How many players have dodged on their KHL commitments for the chance to emigrate to North America?

We have to remember that our glorious NHL may be the best hockey league in the world, but it’s often wrong. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since we’ve spent the last four months hating them and their ridiculously stubborn Lockout.

Still, the NHL is a terrorist organization, and the KHL is finally standing up for its brand and for the players who are currently within its borders.

Does everyone suddenly forget how Evgeni Malkin got to Pittsburgh? He was basically put in the trunk of a Volkswagen and smuggled into West Berlin.

So, Spector isn’t wrong, but he’s missing the sentiment argued by a very angry Alex Medvedev, the president of the KHL.

“NHL’s opinion of itself is so high… OK, let them get drunk on their greatness,” he aggressively Tweeted on Tuesday. “We’ll see how many Euros look our way”