Is Tim Duncan Down For the Count?


by Ballin’ Jones

NBA Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Tim Duncan got injured again.

Now, Duncan old. Not for the Earth, but for basketball. That his knees and ankle would be as brittle as your grandmother’s peanut butter treats should be no surprise. One day it’s a leg. Then an arm. Then the hip. Next you know, Duncan will be driving a golf cart around Florida and telling residents of some Boca Raton country club that some punk kid stole his astronauts pen.

(If you got the Seinfeld reference, give yourself a pat on the back and have a beer. You’ve earned it by being a swell dude.)

Tim Duncan is a legend. He’s not only one of those guys you know will win games. He’s also one of those guys you hope will win games. Whether you loathe or love the San Antonio Spurs, you can’t deny the perfection of Tim Duncan.

But, with every game, his health and twilight flicker. After missing five of the last six games, Duncan returned to face the Washington Wizards on Sunday. The Spurs won, but Duncan was left rolling around on the court like he was trying to fan flames off his back.

Even if he’s technically healthy, Duncan may not see the inside of an arena or the bottom of a rim for some time.

Who would want to play him?

Gregg Popovich is finicky enough with his roster and its minutes. With Duncan now resembling Marlon Brando in his final scene in The Godfather, I’d expect ol’ Tim to collapse in his garden more than I’d expect to see him dunking tomorrow.

So, there must be temptation to sit him. Let him rest. Let the old man return to his cave and let him come out when he can breathe fire again.

But, can the Spurs survice without Tim Duncan?

I’m not so sure. In fact, I’m sure they can’t.