Is That All You Got, Brooklyn?


by Ballin’ Jones

Hardcourt Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


If anyone’s happy about the arrival of the Brooklyn Nets, it must be the New York Knicks.

Now, that sounds weird, what with BK invading Madison Square Garden’s turf in the Five Boroughs, and all. But, think about it. The Knicks have always been that top-heavy disappointment. They’ve always been the showtime with too much show. The Knicks have been the too little, too late and too early team for seemingly every year since Patrick Ewing retired.

They’ve started off hot, then they’ve blown it. For every Carmelo MVP chant and for every stale week of Linsanity, there was always this creeping and eventually completely accurate feeling that New York would blow it all at once.

You just knew they’d get to the playoffs, they’d run up against a Boston or a Miami or even a goddamn Indiana, and they’d crumble under the pressure and the flashing, flashing, lights, lights of TNT’s camera crew.

Well, now we have Brooklyn.

Now we have the sugar-coating, padded bra Nets.

We’ve got Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, and then somewhere in between we’ve got a dozen shots of the confused faces of Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace:

Brook Lopez - Brooklyn Nets - Confused Face

Gerald Wallace - Brooklyn Nets - Confused Face


The Nets were embarrassed by the Chicago Bulls on Monday night, and they only lost by eight points.

You still can’t shake this feeling that the Nets will squander it all before this seven-game saga is over.

And, don’t worry, Memphis… I’m looking your way, too.