Is Russell Wilson Better Than Robert Griffin III?


by Sammy Emerald

Northwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


It’s a funny thing. Robert Griffin III has garnered a lot of praise in the last year and a bit, all of it deserved. His poise. His demeanor. His maturity. On the field, it’s been his ability to run, throw on the run, and throw from a stationary position. Since Week 1, RGIII has been the guy who could do it allBlack Jesus, you might be tempted to call him. If only De’Anthony Thomas didn’t shotgun that nickname first.

On Sunday, however, it was Russell Wilson. He didn’t just beat the Redskins in D.C. He did it in every way people thought Robert Griffin III could do it. He did it with poise. He did it with patience. He did it with accuracy and speed and some kind of maturity and wisdom beyond his years.

Russell Wilson beat Robert Griffin III on Sunday, 24-14, and isn’t it disrespectful that our only way of honouring the new Seahawks captain is by comparing him athletically to the guy he just vanquished?

Of course, it wasn’t really a fair fight. RGIII entered the game with one and a half legs and left with a quarter of one.

Give the Seahawks credit. Once they saw that Mike Shanahan was happy to dangle Griffin like a candle in the Seahawks proverbial wind, it was like watching a wounded deer get run over by a Subaru Impreza.

The Seahawks didn’t just beat him up. They massacred him. They slaughtered him. They ran him over and didn’t worry about the tire tracks on his face.

At the other end, Russell was unfazed. Falling down 14-0 after two possessions in your first-ever playoff game should rattle a rookie quarterback. Hell, getting hit every sequence certainly fazed Griffin. But, there Wilson was, leading his team to 24 unanswered points and doing it without crossing 200 yards passing.

In an added factor of unpredictable coolness, Wilson led his running back Marshawn Lynch down the field on several long runs, blocking for him and getting in the way of every Redskin he could.

Wilson’s blocking was almost single-handedly responsible for Lynch’s 29-yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter.(*You can see that play at the top.) His first attempt got Lynch all the way into Redskins territory, where he eventually pegged in his only passing touchdown of the day.

On Sunday, Russell Wilson was everything everyone he hoped Robert Griffin III could be… and then some.

Your move, Atlanta.