Is Robert Griffin III His Own Doctor?


We know this: Robert Griffin III has no legs. Dr. James Andrews never really cleared him play (officiall). Mike Shanahan is facing a heat wave of hatred from a citizenry that’s suddenly so concerned with quarterback safety.

“Robert said to me, Coach, there’s a difference between being injured and being hurt, and I’m not injured,” Shanahan said after watching the Seahawks pound his Redskins for 24 unanswered points.

However, a fine point was raised by The Score‘s Sean Tomlinson. Why was Robert Griffin III even allowed to choose his fate? Why was Griffin the guy calling his own shots?

Here’s Tomlinson:

“Blame Mike Shanahan’s stubbornness, and total disregard for his quarterback’s health. Blame an asinine football culture in which playing on one leg is viewed as honorable. Blame a tough guy, rah rah, mentality. Blame logic, and the lack thereof.

“Yeah, I know. When Robert Griffin III aggravated his knee injury in the first quarter today, Shanny asked him if he was OK, and the quarterback then responded in the affirmative. He reassured his coach that he’d be fine.

The question many seem to be missing: why does that matter at all?

Whether you agree with Tomlinson or not, it’s clear that there’s a blind spot when it comes to what head coaches and starting quarterbacks find honourable and what the rest of us find logical.

The more RGIII denies his injuries, the more we view him as brave and admirable. The more Mike Shanahan can praise the first quarterback he’s loved since John Elway, too.

They more they believe their own bile, though, the more wrong they are.

The worse it gets for RGIII. The worse it gets for Washington.