Is Jason Garrett Going Down With Tony Romo?


by Franco Marchand

Reporter, White Cover Magazine


Get over it, Dallas. The Cowboys suck. They’re never good enough to win, and never bad enough to rebuild. But, every year we talk about as if they’re a part of either group.

Now, we’re talking about dissolving their core, and that could include head coach Jason Garrett.

Seven NFL bosses were fired on Monday, and Garrett wasn’t one of them. Perhaps the pain was still to evident in the Lonestar State, as the Cowboys fate was just sealed the night before in a two-score loss to the Washington Redskins. Perhaps Dallas knows Garrett has done more good for than team than anybody in the past two decades. He’s not a real Cowboy after all, and that’s a good thing. They don’t need another Deion or a copy of Jerry Jones or a Michael Irvin. They need someone whose blood is cold, and someone who’s not in Big D just so they can walk the same streets as J.R Ewing.

Of course, he may be looking for a job real soon. The NFL — as a whole — thinks like a funny bone. It always reacts, and it reacts way too fast.

“Jason Garrett is a nice guy who isn’t a dynamic leader and has proven to be an unimaginative play-caller,” tweeted ESPN First Take host Skip Bayless on Monday morning. “Where were blitz-beating plays?”

He went even further — as he always does — by blaming Jerry Jones for not switching Garrett for Sean Payton a couple months ago. Apparently, Bayless confused his role as a veteran columnist with someone of actual importance.

“Jerry Jones blew it a month ago when could’ve gotten word to Sean Payton to wait for Cowboys job. Jerry thought everything’d be OK. Wrong.”

Call Bayless crazy or call him an a*shole. But, in some way, he always seems to speak for the NFL and their decision makers. For whatever reason, those in charge of NFL franchises are always as hyperbolic and paranoid as he is.

“Tony Romo will never, ever win a Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys,” he wrote in October. “So much will go right. But in the end, something always will go wrong.”

Skip was speaking about Romo, because Romo is the easiest to blame. But, really, he was speaking about all of the Cowboys. It’s built into their psyche. They’re all the problem, and it won’t change.

At least, not on Monday.