In Defense of iOS 6, I Present the Following…

So, some people don’t like Apple’s newest software, iOS 6. So what?

Sure, the maps (right now) are a little wonky. Toronto’s Pearson Airport looks like a tundra. Your house looks like it was levelled. Whatever. Isn’t this a little cheap, or a little premature?

Certainly, Apple has lost some of its mojo lately, but it’s still Apple. The rest of the system looks great, and it looks newer. You can call that superficial, but isn’t a new look the whole reason behind Apple’s success? Isn’t that why people are camping overnight just to get their hands on a marginally improved product, the iPhone 5?

On Global BC’s Friday morning news show, producer Peter Meiszner gushed about Apple’s glitchy new Maps interface, as if he owned Samsung stock. Sure, laugh when David wounds the Giant, but don’t sing about it with the canary-like enthusiasm of Rachel Berry’s best friend.

“Somebody’s actually created a blog online poking fun at these new iOS 6 maps,” he said.

Right, well there’s also a blog that shows Chandler dancing on things (it’s called “Chandler Dances on Things”). There are blogs about everything. It doesn’t make them legit, or prophetic.

Global’s video also shows a side-by-side comparison of Apple’s new Maps interface next to Google Maps, highlighting the lack of detail in Apple’s product. However, they forgot to include that you can simply change the Maps setting (while in the application) from “Standard” (the plain one) to “Hybrid” or “Satellite”, which will give you all that street-by-street, bird’s eve view detail you had with Google.

This isn’t meant to pick on Global BC, or Peter Meiszner. Their show only repeated what everyone else rushed to say yesterday. But, at the end of the day, everyone with an iPhone will download the new software, they’ll get used to it, and they’ll probably love it.

Besides, the only real problem that nobody’s talking about: the YouTube app isn’t included. Now, that is news.

(*Although, you can actually just download it from the App Store, and it’s a lot cleaner and easier to use than the old version. So, really, there’s nothing wrong with iOS 6.)

In reality, shouldn’t Global BC and Mashable and even Chandler Dances on Things be reporting on that? Shouldn’t they be showing us how to improve the product, instead of just shi*ting on it?

Would you like your accountant to just tell you, “Hey, bud. You’re fu**ed”? Or, would you like him to say, “Okay, we’ve hit some trouble. Now, let’s look at our options to get you through this”?

Ask yourself, what did you first think of Facebook’s Timeline? Did you hate it, or did you just say you hated it?

Do you even notice it now?