In Case You Missed It… This Is Brett Hull’s “Happy Halloween” to Buffalo Sabres Fans

Call Brett Hull what you’d like. American. Canadian. A two-time Stanley Cup champion. A traitor, if you are Canadian. “What? He’s American?” if you are American. Just don’t call him shy.

The Golden Brett posted a photo of what will be on the Hull Family porch this Halloween, and it’s not intended to humour folks from Buffalo, New York. The Buffalo Sabres, of course, lost the 1999 Stanley Cup Final on a Game 6 overtime goal from Hull, even though his foot was clearly in goaltender Dominik Hasek’s crease when he took the shot, which came from outside the crease. The goal inexplicably stood and the Stars won the Cup and, in that offseason, the NHL removed that rule which you couldn’t be in the crease for any goal that came from outside it.

(*By the way, if that sounded confusing, it’s because it is. And, it’s why the NHL changed the rule.”

So, Hull made Buffalo a pumpkin. Actually, some guy named Travis Currie made Buffalo a pumpkin. But, Brett Hull endorses it.

“Brett Hull’s Halloween pumpkin trolling of Buffalo Sabres fans is spooktacular,” wrote Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy.

“In 2011, (Hull) switched his avatar to a photograph of him holding a replica Stanley Cup and wearing a ‘Brett Hull is a Cheater’ shirt, in reference to the in the crease goal that won the Dallas Stars the 1999 Cup at the Buffalo Sabres expense. On Tuesday, Hull was at it again via Twitter — and getting into the Halloween spirit with the most frightening image for a Buffalo fan outside of a Scott Norwood kick…”

It’s all just great.

The only question, though, which Wyshynski addressed but didn’t really address is, “Why now?”

It’s been 13 years, Brett. Don’t you think Buffalonians (?) deserve a break?

*UPDATE: No word from Dominik Hasek. Probably because of this.