In Case You Care, Duke Lost Their First Game of the Season


by John McNeill

Midwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


I’m like everyone in America, meaning I don’t watch college basketball before March or after it and I couldn’t really give what happens during that time. I’ve paid attention before, like when Illinois almost went perfect in 2005 and when John Calipari turned Kentucky into another perennial powerhouse just last spring.

So, this apparently huge development from Saturday — North Carolina State slamming Duke, 84-76, and handing the Blue Devils their first loss of the season — doesn’t really affect me or shock me like it’s supposed to.

The news and the photos were splashed across almost everything that begins with “ESP”.

But, to me, it looks kind of routine. I mean, anyone who’s watched anything involved with college sports (and, any college sport) knows that upsets are part of the game, but this wasn’t even really an upset.

NC State was 13-2 coming into Saturday’s tilt, and were 2-0 in their conference (the ACC).

Duke was undefeated, but 15-0 isn’t really the ’72 Dolphins, is it?

Sure, the Blue Devils were ranked No. 1, but the Wolfpack were positioned at No. 20. In a basketball league with 64 playoff teams, that’s not much a difference. At the end, State handled Duke with the same strategy a real worker handles his finances: he works.

“I think we had lot of toughness, we rebounded the ball better in second half and defended them well,” said NC State coach Mark Gottfried (USA Today). “We went in last year, played well and didn’t win. Our guys remembered that and accepted the challenge (Saturday).”

Still, this game and the story behind this outcome sounds like something that really matters to people who were born and raised in the town from One Tree Hill, but it’s rather boring and kind of a non-issue to everyone else. A,d by everyone else, I mean me.

So, Duke lost. Whatever. This sh*t won’t matter for another month and a half anyway, and even then we’ll just pick our winner based on whether or not we like their colour scheme.

That’s the thing about betting. It’s a gamble, and Duke’s no different than the million other teams chucking basketballs without consequence right now.


*Meanwhile, the Arizona Wildcats rebounded from their first loss of the season by retarding Oregon State, 80-70, on Saturday night. Duke vs. Arizona for the national championship? I could use a rematch of 2000.