I’m Just Starting “Breaking Bad”… Your Thoughts, Universe?

by @KolbySolinsky
White Cover Editor


I never got into Breaking Bad. It wasn’t because I didn’t think it would be good. I actually saw a pre-pilot preview of the show and thought, “Holy Balls. That looks incredible.” I remember the trailer before I remember hearing anything from anybody else about the series, but then AMC also started showing off its other new show – a little ditty called Mad Men, which you may have heard of – and I decided on that instead.

After all, way back then, Mad Men was nothing. It was nobody. But, Breaking Bad? Well, it’s mix of drugs, the desert, and the dad from Malcolm in the Middle made it an almost instead “Hey, I Should Watch That” show for everyone else.

So, I went with Mad Men. I don’t regret my decision, but I do regret not watching both.

Over the past four (or, is it five?) years, I’ve neglected the show because I was just OH, so popular. People have told me it’s incredible, and I don’t deny it’s not true. But, it’s just so damn hard to watch everything right now, and I can only be so committed to so many shows on the tele at once. And, now that I’m done with university, I actually have things to do.

Entourage was still on until recently. 30 Rock is kicking around. Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Even The Client List. And, still Mad Men. And, Boardwalk Empire.

I turned down Breaking Bad because it seemed everyone else had it covered, and I didn’t have enough mental capacity to shove that much seriousness into my daily TV schedule. After all, I got wrapped up enough in Canucks games and Monday Night Football.

I spent my whole week watching TV, and yet I’m told I don’t watch enough. Because, after all, I don’t watch Breaking Bad.

So now, with Walter White’s magnum opus on Netflix, and with Vinny Chase just flat dead (and, for good riddance), I have decided to watch it. I’m into Breaking Bad. Or, at least, I will be soon.

Hopefully, it will spur some kind of new creativity in me. If not, I’ll just be finally watching the show that everyone else seems to know everything about.

Go, New Mexico. Go.