Ilya Kovalchuk: The Most Dangerous Man in the NHL

Ilya Kovalchuk New Jersey Devils - Fist Pump - Stanley Cup 2012
(Photo “courtesy” of Too Many Men On The Site)


by Puck

Hockey Correspondent and Occasional Shakespeare Character, White Cover Magazine


Some guys do everything the right way. They play at each end of the ice and in all four corners. They do the little things, as hockey folk say, regardless of their chances to make that night’s highlight reel. They have no problem scoring a dirty goal, or a garbage goal, as some would call it. Jonathan Toews is one of these players. Crosby can be. Ryan Kesler used to be.

Then, there is Ilya Kovalchuk.

Kovy’s the kind of the guy you can’t leave alone. If you have a breakdown, he’s there to capitalize. If you leave food on your porch, it’s gone by morning and he’s still sucking on the tinfoil. He may not show up to summer camp in shape or hussle as hard as your average Canadian, but dammit is he scary.