How Good Can Robert Griffin III Become?

Sure. Fawn over Robert Griffin III while you can. Ask yourself, Has he been the best quarterback in the NFL this year? Go ahead. Do it. The real question, though… is how good can he become?

The sophomore slump is an expected dilemma. Cam Newton’s going through it, although he’s been as incredible as he’s been inconsistent. It’s just that people were expecting more out of him for all 16 games. With the Lions making the playoffs last year, Matt Stafford could have treated 2011 like his rookie year, and this would be his sophomore season. Stafford has had more ups and downs than a 40-year-old single woman at her best friend’s wedding.

Andrew Luck can almost sense an improvement next year, because he hasn’t peaked this season. He’s been good, but he hasn’t been great. Great has been RGIII.


“RGIII vs Andrew Luck: Who Is the Rookie of the Year?” – Bleacher Report (December 4, 2012)


So, forget the sophomore slump, because it’s very clear we’re talking about a franchise quarterback. He already deserves that title. He’s the first real Redskins quarterback since… hell, Theismann?

Basically, though, Griffin is still getting credit for flukey touchdowns and he’s largely avoided the inevitable history of multiple concussions we’ll look back on in 20 years.

Still, he’s got a hell of a future in front of him. Or, a Hall of a future.

Concussions aside — predictable sophomore slump and Madden 14 cover curse aside — Robert Girffin III is destined to become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. If he’s this good now, how good can he become?

The scary thing about Griffin’s talent — and, I must be the last person to come to this conclusion in 2012 — is that it’s natural. He’s not forcing it. He has a lot to learn, and he’s already on top of the world. He can only get better, and he’s already the best fantasy athlete since Wayne Gretzky.

Screw the comparisons to Andrew Luck, because Luck will be there, too. He’ll have his own bust in the Hall.

Let’s cherish them as individuals, and get on the bandwagon now. You’ll hope you hitched a ride when it’s all said and done.