Hoosiers Remade: High School Girls Basketball. Indianapolis. Final Score. 107-2.

Indianapolis High School Girls Basketball - 107-2 Final Score
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No disrespect to amateur athletes, or amateur female athletes, but we’ve all seen a girls’ high school basketball game. You know, the average one. The ball gets passed around 60 times per possession. There’s a missed layup, then another missed layup, and then another missed layup… all are recovered by offensive rebounds. They all jump, but they don’t really jump

But, again, we’re talking about the average game here. There are always incredible teams. Just like ice hockey, there’s always a United States. There’s always a Canada.

That might explain this final score from Indianapolis: Bloomington South 107, Arlington 2.

107. To. 2.

One girl — Lauren Whitlach — scored a team-high 30 points for Bloomington South, who hadn’t won by more than 34 points yet this season. So, yes, Whitlcach scored 15 times the amount of the entire Arlington team.

The unfortunate part of all this, of course, is that a girl high school team got outscored by a 105 points. That’s tragic, and just by re-posting this, our little site might come under the heavy hand of British Columbia’s new cyber-bullying hunt.

The confusing part, though, is that the win moved Bloomington South to a 7-1 record.

But… who in the hell beat them?

(And, let us know when that team plays Arlington, okay?)