Hoop Dreams? Don’t Hold Your Breath, Seattle


by Sammy Emerald 

Northwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


How many times have we heard this?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a season up in the air and halfway through, a displaced hockey team in Phoenix, or even that neighbourhood restaurant that changes hands as often as Babu Bhatt’s internationally flavoured Dream Cafe from Seinfeld.

Someone with dough always shows up at the 11th Hour. The pumpkin always turns into a carriage at Midnight. At least, enough hope will arrive just in time to delay the inevitable move we all know will eventually be needed and — normally — already is.

The Sacramento Kings have a good product in Northern California. Unfortunately, Seattle did with the SuperSonics, too, and they bolted for the Sooner State. Now, the Emerald City’s trying to pull the same thing on California’s Capital.

Of course, there’s still a sliver of hope the Kings could stay in SacTown, at least for next season. And, once there’s a chance for one season, there could be a chance for two seasons. And then three. Four. Five.

We’ve been waiting for the Coyotes to leave Phoenix for what seems like a decade and two lockouts. It took Winnipeg 15 years to get the Jets they deserved and the Thrashers that Atlanta didn’t.

via ESPN:

“Sacramento is trying to block a bid from a group that has a deal with the Maloof family to buy the Kings and move the franchise to Seattle next season. NBA owners are vetting both offers.

“The Friday deadline may be a last-gasp effort to keep the Kings in Sacramento. If the offer doesn’t arrive or match the Seattle bid, the Maloofs have said they would end talks with the Sacramento group, the newspaper reported.

“The source also described Sacramento’s initial offer to buy the Kings a few weeks ago as ‘not even close’ to the reported bid from Seattle of $341 million made in January.”

So, it doesn’t look promising, unless you’re Seattle.

But, if there’s hope, there’s a way. Sacramento will still be on the steps at Midnight, and they’ll be waiting for their pumpkin until the dawn’s early light.