Home of the Braves: B.J. Upton Is Now Worth $15 Million in Atlanta

He wears his helmet slanted directly at the ground. Like the rim is made of cement. You’ve never seen his eyes. Just his Oakley bicycle shades. He seems to not care about anything besides himself, but that’s probably just his way with words, people, and the game of baseball.

And now, B.J. Upton is on his way to Atlanta. He’s a Brave, and for only $15 million a year. $75 million over five years sounds pretty good for B.J., especially since it only took $10 mill to lock down Tampa’s real best player, Evan Longoria, for a decade.

In 2012, Upton did decent. His average was just average, at .246. His 28 homers were great. Not as good as his 31 steals, but better than his routine 78 RBI. Overall, last year’s line was a little better and a little worse than his career average.

But, it’s up to you: is 31 steals and nearly 28 homers worth $15 million per?