Holmes on Homes: New York’s Santonio Done for the Season

Jesus. Where do the New York Jets go from here?

Earlier today, the team announced that Santonio Holmes will miss the rest of the season, and will undergo surgery to fix something in his left foot. The Jets are also without Darrelle Revis, who tore his ACL two weeks ago. He’s gone for a year.

Arguably (well, it’s pretty obvious), these are the Jets’ two best players. And, now, they’re gone. Essentially forever. It’s not forever forever, but it’s a whole year. Do you know how long a year is in sports? Do you know what that does to any franchise, and especially one in New York City, where demand for success is sky-high and scrutiny is raccoon rabid?

Penn State is in a better position than the New York Jets.

Can they survive? Are the hopes for a playoff position completely eradicated?

Rex Ryan was, perhaps, already on thin ice, even though he’s a fine coach. As Stephen A. Smith would say, “He can ball.”

You have – yeah, “He” has to be mentioned – Tim Tebow. You have Mark Sanchez. Neither can play quarterback.

All of a sudden, you have a roster of players without merit and without pop. There’s no crackle. In the case of both Santonio and Revis, it’s SNAP.

And, how ironic is this headline: “Jets hold out hope that Darrelle Revis can return for Super Bowl”?

The New York Jets are done. Finito. They’re an anal wart on the AFC East.

At least, that’s what it looks like… can the Jets prove us wrong?