Hey, Brooklyn: The Nets Are Still New Jersey’s Team


Nobody cries for New Jersey. Unless there’s a hurricane or Chris Christie tries to sing Springsteen.

Nobody cares about New Jersey. They’re irrelevant until somebody mentions Frankie Valli or Los Sopranos. And, even then, is that really how they want to be known? A bunch of greased hair, porn flicks, and mob hits on the side of a sh*t-stench freeway?

No, sir.

The Devils lose the Stanley Cup. Nobody cares. Dwight Howard spits in their face. Nobody cares.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn celebrates. No longer just a Hobbit hole for rejects form Manhattan who still want to be artsy, that other borough is now the home of one of the best teams in the NBA, and as the main rival to a Knicks team that — for so long — was already hated by Boston, Indiana, and Houston.

Go the Nets store on NBA.com. They’re selling a t-shirt saying, “THE RIVALRY BEGINS”. What, you move 45 minutes away and now you’re rivals with whom the team you’ve always been in the same division?

SB Nation New York released their NBA Power Rankings. The title was, “Knicks up to No. 2. Nets fall to 10”. Oh, so now this is a fair title? Where was Jersey when they had them?

Even worse was the column by Ben Hochman of the Denver Post, titled “Nets vs. Knicks now a big deal in Big Apple”. He’s right, of course. But, still… is that not pickle juice in the already wide-open wounds of the Jersey faithful?

“But I will admit, this Brooklyn-New York basketball rivalry is getting pretty cool,” Hochman wrote. “It’s becoming Notorious BIG. Perhaps you might have heard about it this past week when Carmelo Anthony scored 45 points and Jason Kidd hit a game-winner and pumped his fist like Tiger Woods would after sinking a dramatic putt on No. 18.

“Yes, I believe I speak for most of the other 49 states when I point out the New York news can be a little much. (“Tebow Sneezes!! Also, Manning Signs With Broncos.”) But in small doses, I will take Knicks-Nets. There are some stupendous story lines — Melo’s MVP push, the new arena, both teams with winning records, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Spike Lee, uplifting victims of Hurricane Sandy, the list goes on.”

So, what… the Nets a real team now? Those Julius Erving years counted for nothing? How about those Finals losses to Los Angeles, and then San Antonio?

Just because Jay-Z moved the team to Bill Cosby’s neighbourhood, are we supposed to pretend they never had a history, or that they never existed?

And, what’s with this Jason Kidd stuff? Yeah, he’s still awesome. And, he plays for the Knicks.

But, aren’t you forgetting where he resurrected his career? Aren’t you overlooking the place he almost won his only MVP, and where he first went to the NBA Finals? You know, where he went to two NBA Finals?

Jason Kidd was a New Jersey Net long before the Knicks adopted him as their own, and long before Spike Lee could suck everyone else into his ugly little court-side web.

(Just kidding. Love you, Spike.)

Don’t worry, Jersey. We’re pulling for you. We remember you.


White Cover Magazine

(*But, seriously, the Knicks play the Nets in Brooklyn on Wednesday. Don’t miss it.)