Here’s an Older, Much More Finnish Film from Janne Makkonen

Janne Makkonen has risen to YouTube-ish superstardom in the past five days for an eight-minute editing juggernaut called, “Together We Can #nolockout”. It’s taken over the minds of many an NHL player, and has been lauded by writers and bloggers from ESPN, National Post, and Sportsnet, who are probably convinced that they’re giving the 21-year-old editing wunderkind a chance of a lifetime, as if he’ll come out with an email saying, “Oh, thank ya, Sah! Thank ya for putting me on ya site!”

Little does everyone know, Janne Makkonen has been doing this for quite some time, and doing a Hell of a job at it. And, he has a real career, too, as a freelance editor who does this stuff for folks he likes in Finland. (We’re assuming he gets paid. He should.)

The above video is from 2011, a video tribute to a Finnish operation called Salibandyliga, which we’ll just say looks like some form of raucous ball hockey. (We especially like the moment at 0:43 where Makkonen cuts to a very attractive blonde girls in the stands because, well, why not?)

At first glance, this appears to be another montage. Nothing gets hockey fans going like a good montage, right? Of course, keep in mind, he was only 20 when he did this.


*Here’s a video that makes you actually want to check out Helsinki. “Nothing Is Over” – Suomi MM 2011: