Have the “Dream Team” Philadelphia Eagles Hatched Yet?

Screw the Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles may just be able to compete for the BCS Rankings, though.

On Monday night, Philadelphia will field a lineup that doesn’t include two of the most important members of its “Dream Team”, with Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy both out with the dead brain injury. You know, concussions.

The Eggles (spelled that way on purpose) enter Monday’s affair against Carolina with a 3-7 record. That would be six straight losses, and a chance to put up a big goose egg in both October and November. Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles are worse than anybody in your fantasy league.


“Philadelphia and Carolina Have Death-Spiraled Into Monday Night Football Clash” – Bleacher Report (Nov. 26, 2012)


It also puts the pressure solely on Andy Reid. We know he’s a nice guy, but that’s probably fair. Reid has never won a Super Bowl in 14 years with Philly — despite having all the talent necessary — and his own personnel moves in 2012 have assured that the castle will fall on top of him.

Like Peter O’Toole in Troy.

“Obviously, nobody wants to play the way we’ve been playing, nobody wants to coach the way we’ve been coaching,” Reid said. “We won’t want that. We owe it to each other, we owe it to this city to play better. As long as guys own up to that, coaches and players, that’s the way you get better and then you work on the things that you’re not doing well. Get yourself right.”

Was that his Cover Letter?