Grab Some RareInk for the NBA All-Star Weekend


by Ballin’ Jones

Hardcourt Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


*We’ve covered before. They’re a website and online art vendor based in Los Angeles, California, and they specialize in jaw-droppingly incredible pieces and collections of some of the NBA’s finest talents and personalities — past and present.

RareInk has just announced its All-Star weekend collection, just in time for Saturday’s and Sunday’s festivities. We hope you enjoy, and we hope you grab yourself a piece or two.

“The goal of RareInk’s artwork is to capture the excitement and history of the NBA in a uniquely artistic way,” said Tim Muret, CEO of RareInk.  “Our new collection, featuring some of the leagues’ most iconic moments including NBA All-Star, is the perfect complement to our original art series and offers fans an incredible assortment of imagery to choose from as they look to decorate their home or office.”


*NBA All-Star Weekend

February, 2000

I still remember that weekend thirteen years ago and, now when I look at it again, I don’t remember the footage being so grainy, the uniforms being so baggy, the Raptors purple looking so pink, or Vince Carter being so prematurely bald. All I remember is two Toronto players soaring through the air and mopping the floor with a very capable Steve Francis.

Living in Vancouver, the Raptors were our team, even though they were all the way out there on the other side of the country. Sure, we had the Grizzlies, but did you ever see them in Vancouver? It’s the only team we choose to just forget about, us British Columbians.

It was only a year earlier that Steve Francis shunned our franchise and got himself deported (or, re-imported?) back to the United States and back to the Houston Rockets. Francis was drafted by the Grizzlies, but said he never wanted to wear the uniform or take the court. He was a pri*k. Let’s be real.

That was the greatest dunk contest I’ve ever seen. It really still is. Vince Carter’s through-the-legs slam was one thing. His free throw line dunk, his elbow-hang, and his bounce windmill were even greater when you look at them again.

Francis has his own gems, and his final dunk might have been the best that night. Any other year, and Tracy McGrady (Vince Carter’s cousin who was also on the Raptors at the time) would have taken first place, too.

It was a hay day for the NBA’s All-Star weekend. It was the last time you saw real superstars going head-to-head in what was the league’s marquee event. Kobe and LeBron don’t show off in it anymore. Nobody does, really.

That’s where RareInk comes in…


*All photos courtesy of Tim Muret and the artists at

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