GQ’s Least Influential People Takes Down Romney, Michelle Obama, and Guy Fieri

Apparently, GQ wants to be Gawker. The iconic American magazine released its list of the Least Influential People of 2012 on Tuesday, all set and stoked for its December release on “news”stands.

It’s quite a nasty list, but we’ll give them credit for a few of their choices, and a few of their lines. (The magazine does have talent in its roster, after all. Why else would it have been the home of Justin Timberlake’s cliches and designs in Friends with Benefits?)

They put Michelle Obama on the list, just in case anyone could accuse them of being liberal. And, they put Guy Fieri on there, too. That seems a little unnecessary, unless you howled at the following line:

“This year, the white-trash fusion chef opened his flagship Manhattan restaurant… I’d wager that 90 per cent of his customers that first night were foodies planning to review the place ironically.”

Game. Set. Match. GQ.