Good Will Jumping: Red Bull Goes Base Jumping in Boston

How cool would it have been if Good Will Hunting was really about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck jumping off rooftops of buildings they couldn’t afford to live in? What about that Fenway Pahk scene? What if Robin Williams’s character was actually playing Tony Hawk 3 when he saw the love of his life, and interrupted the Boston level (it really is the game’s best park) to go and talk to her?

How would Matt Damon’s speech have sounded then?

“I DON’T CAHRE IF HELEN OF TRAH-OY WAHLKED INTO THA RO’M! You never leave that level in the middle of a kick-flip!”

Well, Red Bull headed to the Tea Party city and experienced one of the more unique cliff diving venues in the world. (*There are no cliffs.)

def’n: Cliff Diving (n): Up there with police officer, fireman, and solider on the list of “Things Moms Don’t Want You To Become”.