Gary Bettman Kaiboshes an 82-Game NHL Season

Well, that answers that question… which we already knew the answer to.

“There seems to be no interest in making any sort of deal along the lines of what we have expressed a desire and a need for,” said NHL commish Gary Bettman on Wednesday (according to The Score Blogs and the Associated Press). “Sometimes, in collective bargaining you have to take a deep breath before you can move forward.”

That deep breath Bettman was referring to was a full 82-game 2012/13 NHL season. Some were still holding out hope for a timely reconciliation, but little has frosted over. The fact is, nobody cares. It’s like ordering pizza when you’re drunk at 2:30 a.m. The pizza guy takes an hour and, by the time he shows up, you’re fast asleep and your only recollection of the entire event the next morning is when you see it in your cell phones Missed Calls.

Of course, the chance of an 82-game season is now virtually gone. It’s as extinct as the Dodo bird or Andre Rison’s salary.

But, some believe… much like they believed in 1992 and 1995… but, also, like they believed in 2004…

“Bettman states, in making the NHL’s most recent offer, that a deal needed to be in place by Thursday for the season to begin Nov. 2 and allow each team to play a full 82-game slate,” wrote the AP. “With no negotiations scheduled, reaching a deal in one day appears very unlikely.”

How unlikely? Let the commish explain, just so you can compare it to the video above and see for yourself how little has changed in two months.

“The fact of the matter is, there are just sometimes that you need to take time off because it’s clear that you can’t do anything to move the process forward,” said Bettman. “We’re at one of those points right now because we gave our very best offer. That offer, for better or for worse, was contingent on playing an 82-game season. So, I think things actually in some respects may get more difficult.”

Oh, good.

(*Answer: it’s 2005, not 1995.)