Fumble or Not, Mark Sanchez Deserves a Break from New York

Okay, so… Mark Sanchez tried to lead the New York Jets to victory or, at best, a first down. Instead, he ran into the back of his own lineman, crashed to the floor so fast you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a Family Guy fight between Peter Griffin and a Giant Chicken, and then the Patriots returned the fumble (oh, right, he fumbled) for a touchdown.

Have we gotten it out of our system yet?

It’s easy to pick on not just Sanchez or his backup Tim Tebow (who isn’t even treated humanely by his own teammates) who are easy to pick on. It’s the entire Jets team. People love to rip New York, and New Yorkers love to rip the Jets. They’re simply easy fodder and — unlike the cross-town, formerly terrible Giants quarterback Eli Manning — neither of the Jets’ pivots have showed any signs of becoming a franchise dead duck tosser.

(*Creative credit to the guy who posted the video above for titling this “The Jetsiest Jets Play Ever”. You see? Now, that was well said.)

So, yeah. The clip was funny. Hilarious, some might say.

But, before you spread it around to everyone or decide to sign petitions asking for Mark Sanchez to be put down, think about something… what are you doing with your life?

*Also, The Score might be the best online sports network in North America, but can it please make an effort to rise above the mob, if only once in a while?

Hell, if Champ Bailey can do it…