Frommer’s Tips Its Hat to Ernest Hemingway’s Madrid

Do you know Frommer’s? They used to publish these little guide books, but they’ve been hit recently because a) people don’t buy paperback anymore and b) they don’t have pictures.

Yes, nobody is better than Frommer’s when it comes to slapping up useful tips and tricks for far-off locales, including (but not limited to) cafes in Paris or why you shouldn’t walk around flapping a moneyclip in your fingers in Tripoli.

(*That last one was made up.)

But, on Wednesday, Frommer’s hit the ground running with their list of the best Literary Locations Around the World.

Included in this (surprisingly) incredibly interesting slideshow is Redford’s Great Gatsby house (new film coming out this fall), Lucy Maud Montgomery’s house from Anne of Green Gables (which looks suspiciously like the place where Dobby died in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I) and, of course, the bar from The Sun Also Rises.

Hemingway. We hardly knew ye (but, we knew ye very well). The master of short, cutting, decisive prose has homes and holes all over the world, but the most famous may be a bar in the middle of Madrid, called Botin.

“This quintessential novel of post-WWI hedonistic expatriates in Europe set Ernest Hemingway on his legendary literary trajectory, and several watering holes and restaurants proudly pay homage to frequent tippler and Madrid regular “Don Ernesto” (as Hemingway is called in Spain).”

If you haven’t read it, try to.