2014 Oscar Nominations… Canada-Style

The Daniel Day Lewis Award

They’ll probably be on this team until they retire, and even their retirement won’t be forced or necessary. They’ll never do anything wrong, even when they kind of do.

You just give them the Oscar… you don’t even have to watch the movie, you just have to know they were in a movie that year.

Previous Winners: Wayne Gretzky, Scott Niedermayer, Chris Pronger, Martin Brodeur, Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman (META!), Joe Sakic

2014 Winners: Sidney Crosby, Duncan Keith, Drew Doughty, Roberto Luongo, Jonathan Toews, Shea Weber, Steven Stamkos


Jennifer Lawrence Red Dress

The Jennifer Lawrence Award

Like, one year she was that really gorgeous actress with the surprise nomination, and you didn’t even know who she was until you saw her in that red dress at the Academy Awards and everyone’s jaw – including your wife’s – just dropped.

Then, the next time you saw her, she was actually winning the award and probably would enter Meryl Streep “legendary forever” status unless she goes all Julia Roberts and screws it up with Mona Lisa Smile.

Previous Winners: Jarome Iginla, Simon Gagne, Eric Lindros, Brendan Shanahan, Vincent Lecavalier, Joe Thornton, Martin St. Louis (META!)

2014 Winners: John Tavares, Alex Pietrangelo, PK Subban, Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry


The Paul Giamatti Award

You passed out for a little while, woke up, and they were somehow suddenly legit.

Previous Winners: Mike Peca, Ryan Smyth, Wade Redden, Trevor Linden, Rod Brind’Amour

2014 Winners: Patrick Marleau, Chris Kunitz


The William H. Macy Award

Never seen him play. Or, you have no visible memory of seeing them play. Someone asks you to describe them and, all of a sudden, you can’t picture them. You just hear the name and you think, “Solid.”

Oh, and Fargo was pretty good.

Previous Winners: Al MacInnis, Adam Foote, Joe Nieuwendyk, Robyn Regehr, Owen Nolan, Rob Blake, Rob Brewer

2014 Winners: Dan Hamhuis, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Mike Smith, Patrice Bergeron


The John Travolta Award

Prone to nominations but not wins, destined for a long career and decent money. But you can’t help having this feeling they could just fall apart at any minute.

It’s not really fair to think that, but then again you also have no idea what happened to them in between Grease and Pulp Fiction.

Previous Winners: Theo Fleury, Todd Bertuzzi, Dany Heatley

2014 Winners: Rick Nash, Matt Duchene, Jeff Carter


The Marion Cotillard Award

Totally makes sense they would have an Oscar. You just don’t remember the name of the movie or the ceremony. (La Vie en Rose in 2007, by the way.)

Previous Winners: Shane Doan, Eric Staal, Brent Seabrook, Joe Thornton

2014 Winners: Jamie Benn, Patrick Sharp, Jay Bouwmeester, Carey Price