For Movie Trailers, Today is Epic Thursday

You only have a little bit of money, right? I mean, even if you had, like, a sh*t ton of dough, movies are $20 or something nowadays. How can you see more than one per weekend? Unless you live in a small beach town, or some place with a drive-in theatre, you’re basically hooped into large parking lots with skyscraper-like screens owned by some enveloped company of Cineplex-Odeon.

So, this will be an epic fall, what do you pick: Skyfall or Cloud Atlas?

If you’re a man who has a bought a tux but never used it, you’ll pick Skyfall, because you only bought that tux after seeing Casino Royale. If you read, or are one of the three thousand people in the world who liked the final two films of the Matrix¬†trilogy, you’ll pick Cloud Atlas.

Or, maybe you’ll justify the $40 and go see both. (We think you should.)