For $8 Million More: Sean Payton is a Very, Very Rich Fellow


Sean Payton has learned just how much he’ll pay for turning the New Orleans Saints into Boba Fett‘s home planet: nothing.

In fact, they’ll pay Payton more than he’d ever give up. On Saturday, the Saints inked good ol’ Sean to an $8 million per year deal, spanning five winters. The deal makes Payton the highest paid coach in the NFL, and is no doubt some kind of buff up for having him take the year-long rap for N’Orleans’s Bountygate affair.

It’s like a gangster getting out of jail. The mafia treats him well, even if they were trying to kill him while he was still on the inside.



Of course, Payton remains one of the league’s goodwill ambassadors. His work rebuilding New Orleans and his generally incredible demeanour with everyone has helped him uphold his reputation. Also, Payton took the fall and took it in silence, even though a lot of coaches throughout the years and a multitude of teams do the same thing.

They just don’t call it bounty, and their defensive coordinator (He Who Must Not Be Named) didn’t get caught targeting the concussion-prone head of Kyle Williams.

Still, the NFL has shown that they can talk the talk and they can walk the walk… it’s just a very short walk and you get $8 million at the end.