Experience the Super Bowl on Instagram


by Turner Lavoie

Haight-Ashbury Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


This we know: television has been played out.

Media Day (or, #MediaDay, as it’s now known by the digitally dependent masses) is this process of inviting the stars and the hopeful on stage and asking them a barrage of questions about their careers and the big game that’s only a few sleeps away. There are always a couple who receive more attention than the rest — like Rob Gronkowski via Maria Menounos in 2011 and Randy Moss in 2012 after he called himself the greatest receiver of all time — and the nerdy writers who wait the whole year for this one day to meet the kind of people they dreamed about being as boys and girls (yes, even girls) go wild at this rare and possibly fleeting opportunity.

It’s Super Bowl Week. Welcome. And, if you have any sense about you, you’ll turn off your television and enjoy what the NFL’s best players, teams, and fans have to offer on Instagram.


Baltimore Ravens on Instagram (#BaltimoreRavens)

Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis Pump Up Instagram Baltimore Ravens Eggs n Bakey Instagram Baltimore Ravens Ed Reed Instagram Baltimore Ravens Shoes Instagram Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis Instagram Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders Instagram Baltimore Ravens Instagram


San Francisco 49ers on Instagram (@49ers)

San Francisco 49ers NFC Championship Instagram San Francisco 49ers Frank Gore Instagram San Francisco 49ers Patrick Willis Instagram San Francisco 49ers Niner Way Instagram San Francisco 49ers Instagram San Francisco 49ers Instagram - Colin Kaepernick


*And, because he’s just the best, here’s Paul Bissonnette on Instagram (@BizNasty)

BizNasty Instagram Photo 6 BizNasty Instagram 5 BizNasty Instagram Photo 4 BizNasty Instagram Photo 3 BizNasty Instagram Photo 2 BizNasty Instagram Photo 1