ESPN’s Fake NHL Season Ends Week 9 with the New York Islanders In Charge (Wait, the New York Islanders?)

by Kolby Solinsky
Editor, White Cover Magazine


One of the biggest, geekiest, comic boy-ish hobbies of the NHL Lockout has been the never-ending saga of pop-up and disappearing instances of Fake Seasons on the Internet. Wyatt Arndt had a fake Canucks season going for The Province in Vancouver. (He might still be doing it, but it’s lost whatever luster it originally had.) Wyatt’s has been the most famous of all the individual ones, but Buffalo Sabres fans have also created their own and they promise they didn’t alter Cody Hodgson’s potential or any of his other attributes.

Of course, ESPN has stuck with it. Through thick and thin, and I’m not just talking about Pierre LeBrun’s goatee.

Currently, they just ended Week 9. The three stars of said seven days were Henrik Lundqvist, Taylor Hall and Roberto Luongo (and, in that order). The Sharks, Canucks, and Predators lead the West with 39, 37, and 35 points respectively. Meanwhile, the Capitals and Islanders have surprised everybody with 35 points to lead the East. The Senators, Canadiens, and Hurricanes are caught in a three-way tie for third with 34 points each.

And, of course, there are highlights:

“The Calgary Flames’ hot streak came to an end, as they fell to fifth in the Western Conference… John Tavares returned from a lengthy injury and tallied three points in his first game back against the Philadelphia Flyers, leading the Islanders to a victory… The San Jose Sharks remained red hot at the top of the NHL standings… After Cory Schneider fell to injury, Roberto Luongo was solid for the Vancouver Canucks, who sit in second place in the West… Injury Report: Danny Briere (sore shoulder) and Luke Schenn (neck strain) are out approximately two weeks; Flyers leading scorer Wayne Simmonds is out two-to-three months with an MCL sprain.”

So, there you go. The Islanders are shocking the Fake NHL Fans with their incredible season, but Danny Briere is surprising none of them with another devastating injury.

Hey, it’s Philly for a reason. It’s just sad sometimes.