ESPN Vlogs: Scott Burnside Gives an NHL Update from His Living Room

As chaotic as this Tuesday must be at ESPN – what with everyone having their jobs done for them by last night’s Seahawks/Packers national telecast – one thing is for certain: those Vlogs of theirs sure are awkward, aren’t they? (And, why do they have ESPN’s microphones in their living room? Can the network not give them some kind of studio space? Was Harry Potter’s bedroom below the stairs full?)

Scott Burnside has just updated us via his personal webcam on the NHL vs. NHLPA’s ongoing negotiations, which are apparently back up and running. Or, rather, walking slowly. The two sides will meet up on Friday, Burnside says, but they will not speak about economic issues.

Funny. What else could this Lockout be about? Or, is it just about nothing like we all thought?