Election University: Re-Watch All Three Presidential (Plus One Vice Presidential Debate) Debates

The funny thing about election time is this: we all have opinions, but we don’t know anything. Do we?

It’s a fair bet that we don’t even watch all we say we watch, or read what we say we read. We can talk forever about Mitt Romney or Barack Obama and the (rotating) evilness and hope of each, but most of us base our preferences on hair style and vocal chords.

That’s why the New York Times took the trouble of uploading all three Presidential debates – and one Vice-Presidential debate – for you to see. And, hey, it’s on YouTube!

(Take that, NYT Paywall…)


Presidential Debate #1

Obama – C+
Romney – A+

Vice-Presidential Debate

Biden – A
Ryan – B

Presidential Debate #2

Obama – A+
Romney – B+

Presidential Debate #3

Obama – A
Romney – B-