Dwayne Bowe, the Kansas City Chiefs, and Improving on a 2-14 Record


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


Andy Reid has nearly recouped everything he inherited when he signed those papers to bring his posterior to Kansas City, and Dwayne Bowe — who was just re-signed by the Chiefs on Monday to a five-year deal worth… well, we’re not quite sure yet, but they only had $7.5 million in cap space to play with — might have been the most important piece.

Jamaal Charles is the most explosive and talented player in Missouri, but his skills have been taken for granted for four years now. Bowe is the guy the Chiefs need because, without him, they don’t go from great to good (as they would without Charles).

No, without Bowe, they go from from 2-14 to even worse. And now, new pivot Alex Smith actually has a target.

Here’s The Score‘s Sean Tomlinson:

“Bowe — who finished with 801 receiving yards in 2012 despite missing three games and being on the other end of passes thrown by the equivalent of two blind rats — is a crucial cog to not only (Alex) Smith’s success and therefore Reid’s too, but he’s also central to Jamaal Charles and his continued slashing. Charles had a terrific season and finished with 1,509 rushing yards, but he still disappeared during a handful of games, which was downright maddening for his fantasy owners (he had three games with 10 or fewer rushing yards).”

While Tomlinson (and the entire Score network, really) place far too much emphasis on a player’s fantasy importance, the signs of Charles’s pathetic three-game spell can only be aided by the return of Bowe and the introduction of Alex Smith. Jamaal is Kansas City’s best player, but he needs help. Because, while he’s great, he’s still not Adrian Peterson.

Andy Reid’s steady — if also fantasy-maddening — hand can’t hurt, neither.