Donezo: Stick a Fork in the 2013 Arkansas Razorbacks

While Darren McFadden is keeping everyone in Northern California on their anticipatory toes, his alma mater is tumbling down the chart of “places that matter” like a rolling stone collecting all the moss.

After their loss to unranked Louisiana-Monroe over the weekend, the Arkansas Razorbacks are now looking in on the Top 25, and only a couple weeks after Skip Bayless called them to win the National Championship (which means Skip Bayless is wrong for the first time ever). It’s the largest rankings drop since Michigan ruined their program for a decade in 2007, after they lost to perennial “Who are they?” side, Appalachian State, in Week 1.

That one sent tremors throughout college football, and that moment where Appalachian blocks Michigan’s final kick and then runs the loose ball back across the 50 is the defining GIF you’ll think of when you hear, “UPSET”. Saturday’s loss by Arkansas was less of a blow, because the Razorbacks are not the Wolverines, and Louisiana-Monroe is not Appalachian State.

Sure, Louisiana-Monroe is the team you purposely try to humiliate in EA Sports, but Appalachian State is a campus in the woodland mountains. Its stereotypes include goat people, the movie Deliverance, and John Denver’s “almost Heaven”.

The Razorbacks have blown their season, but it’s unlikely they would have run the table or come close to the game we’ll all watch. Certainly, their bowl outlook has changed dramatically. They now look more like Pigs than Hogs, but their perception isn’t damaged too much.

After all, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Oklahoma State all blew easy wins, too. The fact is, nobody will remember Arkansas’s one-weekend-long collapse. The only teams that matter are Alabama, USC, LSU, and Oregon. In reality, they’re the only┬áteams that ever matter.