Does Geno Smith Have a Shot in Hell?


by John McNeill

Midwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Tonight, Geno Smith will hear his name called.

That’s pretty much what we know.

He will go early, but how early is the whole deal. He could go as low (which is good) as No. 4, because Philadelphia might want a guy to become the new Michael Vick when Michael Vick can’t be the old Michael Vick anymore.

Most talk about Geno has been wasted on the What the Fu*k?!? Buffalo Bills. They need a quarterback. They always need a quarterback. They’re only had one real one since Jim Kelly. His name was Doug Flutie, and Buffalo rejected him like money rejects Buffalo.

Geno Smith is exact kinda guy we waste time talking about. He’s the kind of quarterback we all want to succeed. But, have any of us normal-folk ever seen him play?

Bloggers don’t get press passes. This is the fault of those who hand it press passes, but it doesn’t make our hope any more hopeful.

So, we have the Bills. As a long shot, we have the Eagles. We also have the Browns, the Jets, and the Raiders. (We always have the Browns, the Jets, and the Raiders.)

All of this speculation without substance puts a lot of pressure on a guy like Geno. This is what happens when that happens (via Yahoo! Sports’s Shutdown Corner):

Doug Farrar and Greg Cosell are Shutdown Corner‘s draft experts and they put as much time into prospect evaluation as anyone. Farrar had (Geno) Smith going seventh overall. Cosell didn’t even have him in the first round. Neither one is “right” or “wrong,” because nobody knows what to make of Smith with the draft just hours away.

“And Smith has apparently been paying attention to the criticism of his game as people debate if he’s a top 10 pick or a second-day selection. The criticism has been pretty intense at times, and he responded this week on Twitter with the draft approaching.”

Geno Smith won’t have a choice, and the team that takes him might not, either. They’ll pick him because he’s a quarterback and there ain’t a lot else to go on in Twenty-Thirteen. Matt Barkley? Ryan Nassib? And, yeah, he’s a white guy.

My thoughts?

Hey, Geno. For now, this will be the best night of your life. Enjoy it. Okay?