Does Anyone Care About the Dallas Mavericks?

Vince Carter with Dallas Mavericks -
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by Ballin’ Jones

Hardcourt Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


I realize this sounds like an ignorant and slightly arrogant question to ask. So, if you’re upset at the title alone, I understand. Just know two things:

  1. It’s a joke, and;
  2. You’re a Mavericks fan. Like you matter, anyway

As a Canadian, I’ve almost never gotten used to the importance of Texas. How have they had multiple Presidents from both American political parties, and why were the majority of them terrible the majority of the time? Why does the United States still let them run?

Why do their sports teams matter so much?


I guess, in some way, I understand why Dallas believes the Cowboys are God’s Team. They’re all a bunch of religious nuts. At least, that’s how they’re portrayed to all of us who live North of the Grand Canyon and West of Israel.

But, why are they America’s Team?

The Stars are a hockey team, so they’re irrelevant from the ground-up. The Cowboys clearly matter the most. Football is football is football. Meanwhile, the Rangers really reside in Arlington and represent the State, not the City (of Dallas).

And then, there are the Mavericks.

They’ve had a one-team superstar since time apparently began. Jason Kidd was there twice, and Steve Nash made a name for himself in the Lone Star state. Their uniforms are pretty embarrassing, but there was a time when they could have been considered  attractive and even fashionable.

Dallas is one of the biggest cities in the United States, and every other franchise in towns lying around it — including Dallas’s little brother, San Antonio — has an NBA team that matters more to the American public.

Take the Oklahoma City Thunder, for example, or the Miami Heat.

(Of course, I realize the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns — both teams in Southwest cities larger than the Dallas-Fort Worth are — don’t matter to Americans at all, either.)

The more you think about it, it’s hard to imagine the Mavs even play in Dallas… they’re a small fish in an ocean.

And still, the Mavericks are the sixth-most valuable team in the National Basketball Association, at $438 million, and they’ve made a man out or Mark Cuban.

It’s a paradox of 20th century popularity.


*The Mavericks are the only team in the league still plugging Vince Carter’s ability: