DIY: Tulane Moves to the Big East as the NCAA Continues a Massive Realignment Project

Tulane is a school in New Orleans. This is a necessary disclaimer, because they are approximately 1,425,356 universities, colleges, and technical school in the United States, and they apparently all have football teams.

This is important for you to know because Tulane is the most recent in a growing list of teams which will succumb to the NCAA’s continued process of realignment and playoff tinkering.

The Big East landed the Louisiana kids, and the division is now turning its focus to BYU and its Mormon “breeding” ground. The goal of all of this, besides making the NCAA a more effective competitive league and market than the tar sands it currently is, is for larger TV contracts.


“DIY: Notre Dame, the ACC, and College Football’s Evolving Realignment” — White Cover Magazine (September 12, 2012)



You’d be surprised: even a name like the Big East doesn’t rake in the viewers.

The SEC, the Pac-12, the Big 10 and the Big 12 are the meatmarkets, while independents like Notre Dame bring their booster clubs with them.

The Big East, though, badly needs a better system, and Tulane will be a part of it. It also needs to hold onto what it has, according to CBS Sports’s Jeremy Fowler.

“As the Big East navigates a media rights negotiation with several networks, luring BYU into the fold — and keeping Boise State from going to the Mountain West — could help salvage a contract,” he writes. “BYU would be a key cog to the Big East’s blueprint for expanding beyond the Northeast.”