DIY: The Louisville Cardinals Are Moving to the ACC for 2014

Realignment continues in the NCAA. On Wednesday, the Louisville Cardinals were switched over to the ACC, while Maryland stepped out. The move will take hold in 2014, and it follows Tuesday’s one-sided traded that saw Tulane jump into the Big East.

Recently, Notre Dame has gone from an independent to an independent-that’s-categorically-in-the-ACC, too. The Pac 10 has become the PAC-12. And, the BCS will kind of, sort of embrace the 21st century with a four-team playoff. So, yay?

It’s all in the name of newer, bigger TV contracts. Certain divisions need more publicity. Notre Dame brings that to the ACC. Tulane doesn’t give that to the Big East, but they’re still after other tuna.


“ACC votes to add Louisville Cardinals in 2014” – ESPN (Nov. 28, 2012)