Digital Sunday: “Legend of Grimrock” Review by Kramer Solinsky

“Legend of Grimrock”
by Kramer Solinsky

“This game is wonderful. If you either never played dungeon adventure games like this twenty-some years ago, or haven’t played Dungeons and Dragons or Shadowrun — or any other pen and paper games — I would suggest picking this one up.

“The game is fully three-dimensional and has real time movement and combat. It’s a text-adventure games for the Elder Scrolls crowd which is an absolute dream of a combination for any game.

“If you used to play text-adventure games, I would still suggest picking this up. I can’t say I know what sort of emotional tolls a game like this will play on your brain, but it at least wouldn’t hurt to check it out and see where your favourite genre went for the last 20 years.

“For $15.00 on Steam, I’d say it’s a pretty worthy investment to get a fix of this genre.”

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