Digital Monday: “Cave Story” Review by Kramer Solinsky

“Cave Story+”
by Kramer Solinsky

DISCLAIMER: This is a review I’ve been wanting to write for one reason — this is one of my favourite games I’ve played this year. This game was already originally released in 2004 as Cave Story and I’ll be reviewing Cave Story+, which was released some time after on Steam as an enhanced edition. If I spoil anything of the first few hours of gameplay for you, I am not sorry… take it as judgment for not playing this undercover wonder.

Cave Story+ is — on the surface — a game about exploration and combat with the evil Doctor’s minions trying to get in your way. What it really becomes, however, is a game about the exploration of your own character and the people you’re fighting for. With a classic approach to story telling pulling from classics like Zelda and Megaman, Cave Story+ will put you on a pretty enjoyable path that you won’t want to stop traveling.

And, don’t forget that the soundtrack is both engaging and downright brilliant in all definitions of the word. (That word being brilliant.)

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