Digital Monday: “Awesomenauts” Review by Kramer Solinsky

Where do I even begin with this game – it’s got so many miniature genres and mechanics shoved into such a tightly bound package, I’d be doing the English language a disservice to try and put it all in one sentence. Actually, that was pretty bad on its own. I already wrote a small piece on one of the characters in the game that really caught my eye, but after spending more time with it, I feel it’s deserving of a properly written review; the world properly being used loosely.
This game is great. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a really fun game to jump into for 20 minutes, and then get out of it. If you’re trying to play games like League of Legends or anything else that can get exhausting, then take a quick break and try out Awesomenauts for half an hour.
Hopefully, there’s enough information in here to truly give you an understanding of Awesomenauts and possibly convince you to give it a go. Find it on Steam here and give this MOBA/platformer a shot at glory…