Dear Sportsnet: Only the Canucks Can Change the Canucks


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor and Vancouverite, White Cover Magazine


Dear Vancouver and Sportsnet:

the Canucks don’t owe us anything.

Fans don’t pay their salaries, and fans have no real idea how to run a hockey team. Just because we’ve each occasionally made one or two good predictions over the course of our lifetime doesn’t mean we have any clue how to manage contracts, sign million-dollar talent, or build a winning roster. It’s frustrating, sure, to watch an uber-talented team squander their chance year-after-year, but this doesn’t mean interviews of British-accented, financially comfortable fans in False Creek should ever matter to anybody other than that person and that person alone.

The Canucks might need changes, or they might not. Hockey’s a random game to most of us and the only people who really know how to change it — or have any responsibility to change — are the players themselves.

Unfortunately, there are 29 other teams chock-full of players who all want the same thing. It’s a competition. Leave it to the pros.


*Also, to Craig MacEwen and the Sportsnet Pacific editorial food chain, who together must have decided to load their “story” up with interviews of faceless fans who should have been working instead of strolling the seawall, man-on-the-street interviews don’t pass for real journalism.

Every journalist has had to do it once or twice in their career, and they always walk around hounding citizens with the same thought: “Why am I doing this? Should anybody really care what Joe Smith thinks?”

The answer is No.