Dear Shanahan: Robert Griffin III’s Had a Hell of a Week


by Tommy D.C.

Pennsylvania Avenue Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Robert Griffin III just can’t stay out of the spotlight. Even when it’s not searching for him, he’s keeping himself in front of the camera. Or, at least, by a microphone.

In yet another example of the jubilant nature that has made him the darling of just about everyone around the NFL or anyone with a television — except for a few Tyler Perry characters worried about RGIII not being down with the causeGriffin interrupted Mike Shanahan’s press conference on Wednesday, asking the kinds of questions normal reporters wish they had the balls to ask.

(Really, Shanahan’s a prickly guy. Would you want to ask him what he did for New Year’s in front of a room of your peers who are just as sh*t scare of the guy as you are?)

“What did you do for New Year’s?” Griffin asked his head coach, moments after Shanny saw in the audience and burst into some kinda of awkward laugh you last heard from Bulbasaur in the first Pokemon game.

“I tried to put a good game plan together,” replied Shanny. “I wasn’t sure how healthy you were, so it was hard without you calling me.”


The one thing hampering Robert Griffin III’s superior year has been his physicality. His vulnerability to injury. The two games Kirk Cousins won while he was resting his head on the sidelines.

(Not that Griffin would put his own success in front of his team’s, of course, but it’s a real issue he has to face. If not this year, then the rest of his career.)

The Redskins are preparing to face the Seattle Seahawks and their own Rookie of the Year quarterback, Russell Wilson, on Sunday. Each team enters the playoffs as the hottest clubs in the NFC, and each have rallied from a position of midseason mediocrity to take the bull by the horns.


RGIII has also garnered attention for the words of advice and inspiration he gave veteran Cowboys pivot Tony Romo after their game on Sunday. Washington downed Dallas and grabbed the last playoff spot from them. Romo, as always, has come under fire. He’s used to it, but Griffin felt the need to interject (via NBC Sports).

“Hey Tony. I just wanted to say to you, don’t listen to what anybody else is saying about you. You’re a great quarterback, man. And this game doesn’t mean anything.”

Nice words from Griffin. Mature. Kind.

But, if you’re Tony Romo, and you’re getting pity on that kind of a nuclear level from a kid who’s just broken into the league and still accomplished more than you… aren’t you kinda pissed?

“Borderline condescending,” said Christian Fauria of ESPN’s First Take.