Dear HBO: Please Turn ‘Treme’ Into a Movie


by Connor Foote

Lotus Land Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Treme is the best show on TV because it doesn’t care whether you know it or not.

It doesn’t seem to worry about cliffhangers and it doesn’t appear indifferent about really anything other than the injustice done to the many citizens of America’s most original city in what is still the most famous natural disaster of North America’s 21st century. (No offence to Hurricane Sandy or New Jersey, of course.)

Fact is, HBO is better than every other network for the very reason Treme is better than most other shows. HBO is famous for both its hits and its misses. For every Sopranos or Sex and the City, there is some half-assed Joe Buck sports show or some therapy experiment starring Gabriel Byrne. (Deadwood also only lasted three seasons, which is slightly only less of a crime than Arrested Development lasting only three seasons.)

Treme is all about education. It’s about a city everyone knows but no one really knows.

It’s one of the network’s bravest creative documentaries, and I’d recommend you take a second to let that title (bravest creative documentaries) sink in. I don’t care whether it’s liked or understood by anyone. Fu*k them. Treme‘s only error is that it doesn’t appear to be desperate for viewers or cheap entertainment. This isn’t a wise business move but, then again, HBO is doing just fine (I think).

Treme is life, not TV. And, when TV becomes life, it really evolves.

That’s why Treme must — like, MUST — become a movie. Last year, this little film called Beasts of the Southern Wild basically just improvised the whole goddamn thing and came within a whisker of Oscar’s top prize.

Imagine if Steve Zahn actually gave a crap…