Dear GQ: Was Daniel Craig Really the Most Stylish Man of 2012?


by Craig J. Jacobs

Fashion Watchdog, White Cover Magazine


Daniel Craig is many things — none of them bad.

He’s Bond, for one. I could stop right now. He’s also British, and old, and kind of cold and mature. He’s one of the best action stars of his generation and a fine actor to boot. (All great action stars are actually great actors. You won’t see Taylor Lautner winning an Oscar any time soon, but Pattinson might. Get it?)

But, was Daniel Craig really the Most Stylish Man of 2012?

“Like the double-0 agent he plays on the big screen, Daniel Craig’s go-to is a perfectly cut Tom Ford suit that frankly makes other famous guys look like they’ve never heard of a tailor,” writes GQ magazine in their list of the Top 25 Most Stylish Men of the past 12 months. “But the actor’s hardly just a mannequin for his favorite designer’s wares, and 2012 saw Craig expanding his sartorial horizons into new GQ-approved areas, whether it be adopting the brown suit, playing with unconventional shirt and tie combos, or just saying “eff it” and showing up to a premiere in some eye-grabbing Nikes.”

Fair enough.

But, shouldn’t there be an automatic disqualifier on the guy who plays James Bond?

No better than second. That’s where I draw the line.

If he keeps it up in 2013, then fair enough, but James Bond is James Freaking Bond. That’s like winning an Olympic gold on steroids. You’ve rigged the game before the schedule’s even been set.

Of course, Daniel Craig is probably the least bit interested in a list of this nature. Magazines like GQ and Esquire have tumbled quite a ways since they were using Gay Talese and Tom Wolfe to reinvent traditional journalism and editorial authority.

Now, they focus on Bond’s lapels, and they tell you every man should be like him.

Well, sorry to break it to you, but you’re not. Nobody’s James Bond. Not even Daniel Craig.