Crowned King Dustin Brown Is Heading to Switzerland

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road.

Dustin Brown – the captain of last year’s crowned Kings and the re-invigorator of American hockey (along with Ryan Kesler and Patrick Kane) – is headed to Europe, home of goofy Vatican guards, non-partisan chocolate makers, and (now) Rick Nash.

The story was reported on Thursday by TSN.

Brownie went big in the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, putting up 20 goals in 20 games and scoring a shorthanded goal almost every night. (*Not really.)

Brown now heads from North American champion to Swiss champion. His new team, the ZSC (Zurich) Lions, won the 2012 Swiss league.

The Lions are also coached by Brown’s former El Hefe in Los Angeles – and the old boss of the Avalanche, Canucks and stars – Marc Crawford.

“We’ve got three good imports,” Crawford said to ESPN. “We have Ryan Shannon, who has been really good. Jeff Tambellini has been really good and Matt Lashoff, who played with the Toronto Marlies last year.”

We’ll assume that, in four weeks, Crawford will say that Dustin Brown has been really good, too.

Brown leaves on November 7, the same day as his country’s federal election. Not that that’s relevant, or anything.